Beatriz Montedeoca

"The Home of the Mother was what led me to fill the spiritual emptinesses in my life."


Ligia Mendoza

"True happiness can only be found when God is in one’s heart..."


Ana Isabel Jiménez

Wherever we are, whatever we do, the important thing is that we belong to Jesus Christ.


Michael Gardner

 I have received the witness of the Home and I try to live my life in a similar fashion.

cris-y-sole-2-blogSoledad Martín

Now I see how God’s providential hand has been working over the course of my life.


Betsy Nieto

 "I thank the Lord that He showed me the way towards my spiritual home and family..."


Bruno Polotti and Lorena Bertoli

We began to pray the Rosary and ask Mary to intercede for us before her Son.


Mónica Fernández Beitia 

I saw something special in them, something I had never known.

faustoadele-borghetti blogFausto and Adele Borghetti

The Home’s three missions have entered easily into my heart.