encuentroThe Home of the Mother Family Encounters offer a chance to stop and reflect on our lives, at the light of the Gospel.

These encounters are attended by families, youth, Servant Brothers, Servant Sisters...in a family atmosphere where everyone feels welcome. It is a time to come together for mutual enrichment, reflection, prayer, and more.


During these encounters, we deepen in our understanding of the charism of the Home of the Mother and there are talks/commentaries on the various documents of the Catholic Church on the family and the role of the Catholic laity in society.

In Spain, the Family Encounter is held every year in Barcenilla, Cantabria, around the feast of the Assumption of Our Lady, in August. In the United States, the annual celebration of Thanksgiving in November marks the date for the Family Encounter.


Ecuador 2014

Thanksgiving USA. 2014

Cantabria, Spain 2014

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family encounterSummer Family Encounter 2015

Encounter of families Centro-Hogar in Barcenilla (Cantabria), Spain, from the 13th to the 16th of August 2015.



Thanksgiving Retreat