Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother S.H.M.

siervas espiritualidadSpirituality

Identification with Jesus Christ and transformation in Him, from the womb of the Virgin Mary.

madre-ana History

The Servant Sisters arise in response to a calling to total consecration to the Home´s charism and missions.


The Servant Sisters have given themselves without reserve to the Home of the Mother´s three missions.


The Servant Sisters currently have 15 communities in four different countries.



Nothing can take away from me the joy of having left everything for God.



Videos and photos of the Servant Sisters.

Hna. ClareSr. Clare Crockett and companions

"And they will never perish. No one will snatch them out of my hand."

Sister Clare

Hermana Clare

Glory to God in the Highest

Laura Stinnet (United States) : "Her joy was contagious and her ability to make someone smile was a gift the Lord had given to her, and which she used to bring souls closer to Christ."

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